WishStellar @NewYork - FAQ

Make a star for your wish

What is WishStella@New York?

WishStellar @New York is a joint artwork d-app based on EOS block-chain technology. Use the toolbar to create stars of various sizes in the night sky and put your messages and wishes. You can also create multiple stars to create your own constellations. Leave your message on the stars that will shine forever in New York ‘s night sky.

How do I purchase stars from WishSteller?

Stars in WishStellar can be purchased using EOS tokens. This requires an EOS account and a Scatter. Scatter is an add-on to Google Chrome that allows you to trade EOS tokens within your own EOS account. There is a lot of information on how to create an EOS account and how to use Scatter online.

How much does it cost to make a star?

The star can be earned by more than 1 EOS. You will be awarded one of the ten stars’ brightness values ​​by comparing the current value of your star to the value of other stars. The brightness of stars is updated in real time. The purchasing records of all stars are permanently recorded on the EOS block chain.

What is a constellation?

You can record your messages, website accounts, etc. on a star in New York’s sky forever. You can also create your own constellations by purchasing multiple stars. If you click on one star, you can easily see the constellation by shining all the related constellation.

Why can I buy only through cryptocurrency?

There are a number of reasons why we use EOS block chains. The biggest reason is that your stars are recorded on the EOS block chain and can be kept forever. Blockchain technology has opened new possibilities for the WishStella’s permanent constellation as a new digital technology that overcomes the duplication and vulnerabilities of digital technology.

Why stars are limited by ten thousand?

We have made it limited by allowing only ten thousand stars to exist in the sky of world famous cities. Once the stars are filled in full, new sky will open in succession to other cities such as London, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, and Seoul. The new sky will add new functions. In addition, when purchasing a star, we plan to use it in a variety of ways, depending on the purchase amount.

What is WishCoin?

WishCoin is a self-issued token from WishStellar, which will send you 10 WishCoin per 1 EOS as a sponsor reward. In the future, we have a plan that can be used for various purposes by utilizing the WishCoin.